The Tale of Eros and Psyche

There was a young woman named Psyche who was so lovely that the goddess Aphrodite grew jealous of the attention the young woman received. She commends her son to kill the girl, but Eros accidentally pricks himself on one of his arrows at the same time that he gazes upon her, and so falls in love. He has her carried away to his home, and visits her every night, commanding her never to look at him. One night, her curiosity grew too strong, so she sneaks a lamp into their bedchamber. When she sees the sleeping god, she is startled, and a drop of oil splashes on his shoulder. He awakens and abandons her out of anger. She goes to his mother, begging to be reunited with her husband. Aphrodite sets her about a number of tasks, the last of which is to fetch a box from the underworld. Upon returning from her journey, Pysche opens the box to look inside, and is overcome by a powerful sleep. Eros finds her there, and asks the other gods to restore her and make her a Goddess. This wish is fulfilled, and the two are united again.

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